"During the founding of Scandinavian Reach Technologies, the collaboration with Goontech, and the development of a concept video was of great value to us. A good and informative video, where simplicity illustrates the message, has paved the way when meeting clients and collaborators. The cooperation has been painless and we can safely recommend Goontech as a partner."

- Arild Sæle, CEO, ScanReach


Marketing video for Scandinavian Reach Technologies

We produced this 90 second marketing movie for ScanReach Technologies product InRange, that was used all the way from the concept stages of the product to the first sale and beyond.
InRange is a innovative new safety system for offshore vessels. We are also included in the development of the InRange software.

About Scan Reach Technologies

Scandinavian Reach Technologies is a startup from Bergen, Norway that are developing innovative and game changing ways of handling emergencies on offshore vessels.