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Visualization tools for decision support, improved communication and marketing

What We Do

We use data, alongside documents, 3D models and other resources, to create interactive visualization tools that improve decision support, planning and communication. The data is turned into useful information so people can work smarter and more efficiently.
Our work starts at the idea stage and ends with published software. In our projects we have experience with prototyping, software development, design, and 3D visualization.

We have years of experience in understanding technical and domain needs and translating them from a vision, an idea, or a set of data, into a visual solution that help you reach your business goals.
Since we started the company we have created solutions for companies in the following industries: oil and gas, maritime, renewable energy, architectural, geotechnical and entertainment.

Take a look at our showreel summarizing what we are all about, or scroll further down and look at our products and cases in depth.

Some of the companies we have delivered projects to:


We have developed two subscription based software products that transforms and simplifies outdated processes in the oil and gas industry.

We work closely with partners that are experts in the industries we target.

Look at the separate product web pages to learn more about each products.

Deckplanner Deckplanner product image

Fast, safe and simple mobilization for offshore vessels


GLEX GLEX product image

A visual platform for data-sharing and digitalization in oil and gas exploration



Goontech was started in 2015 by founders that had previously worked with computer game development and visualization software.

Our background in game development has given us knowledge and a special mindset that we apply to our projects. We continue to look to the game industry for inspiration, techniques and technology, and bring this with us into other industries.

Our slogan is "Visualizing Great Ideas", regardless of industry or format. And our mission is to develop beautiful and user-friendly tools that transforms outdated processes and solves real problems.

Goontech is located in Bergen and Oslo, in short distance from a growing entrepreneurial environment, and some of the biggest players in the oil and gas industry.

Bjarte Sebastian Hansen Portrait

Bjarte Sebastian Hansen

CEO @ Goontech

+47 95268076

Jørgen Engen Napstad Portrait

Jørgen Engen Napstad

CTO @ Glex

+47 93 40 65 26

Petter Sundnes Portrait

Petter Sundnes


+47 99 30 90 80

Per Viggo Bergsvik Portrait

Per Viggo Bergsvik

Lead visual designer

+47 97741 033

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We would be happy to help you solve your problems, or answer any questions.

Feel free to contact any of our key people directly, or for general inquiries.

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