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We specialize in VISUALIZATION and INTERACTIVE productions


Do you have a great idea, concept or product you would like to share with the world? We communicate and present complex information through beautiful animations and user-friendly applications.

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Sometimes we encounter problems that are big enough to deserve their own standardized solution. Here you find our (slowly) expanding product portfolio.

You can find labeled by what stage they are at.

Concept: We have identified that this is a worthwhile problem to solve

Prototype: Early version to test with customers and reality

Development: Working towards a releasable version

Commercialized: Product is available in market


Present your products in real-time 3D with the Octopus engine. Designed for industrial and technological visualization.

Stage: Prototype

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Geologiq is an interactive field atlas in 3D that combines key information from drilling, geology, reservoir, production and detailed well data.

Stage: Commercialized


About Us

After working together since 2012 in game development company Henchman & Goon, we launched Goontech in January 2015.

Our background in game development has given us a ton of knowledge and a special mindset that we apply to our projects. We continue to look to the game industry for inspiration, techniques and technology, and bring this with us into other industries.

Our vision is “Visualizing Great Ideas”, no matter what industry or format, and our mission is to make smarter and more user-friendly visualization solutions.

Goontech is located in Bergen, Norway, in short distance from a growing entrepreneurial environment, and some of the biggest players in the oil and gas industry. We also have a small office in Oslo, Norway.

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